Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pansy to the Ressuce

When B wine i have to take care of him that my job Proctice b when he wines for food i have to help wine too.  When he wines for attetion i have to give it to him.

When he wines for toys i let him play with a toy just one the rest are mine

So when Maxie was beating him up he started to wine, B said Maxie should just give up his spot to B and i think he might be right but Maxie was giving B a big wipping , So i had to get incoled and help B after all he was saying Pansy help me. I sorry Maxie but i had to help B thats my job

Pa could you send a fur purrss for B he going to the vet for his amatham he been coughing bad again. even on predizion  This means i have to get draged because I need to smell like B so i do not get agressive 

Friday, August 22, 2014

In I loving memory of Sparkle

We Have a sad.  Sparkle passed away.  Sparkle to us holds a very special  place in are heart  She was more then just your normal cat she aways made us laugh.

B i like to tell a few special sparkle story After LL died mama stoped bloging After all LL was relly the reson she bloged with out her she had no muse left Maxie is cute but LL was she was special in her very own  LL kind of way.

Mama Loves face book one of her face book she follow is Sparkle. Sparkle posted about Rose and trying to find homes. Mama went and looked at all the link and thought about it for awahile and then said it time to take in some gingers.  After B and marigold came Sprakle sent us a speical paw agrefted copy of her book as we loved it  but it got lost in the quick move. So today we rember a cat
who was fumy cute  talented and touched so meany hearts  Spakle you maybe gone from the world but you will always live on in the hearts of the meany you tocued

Friday, August 1, 2014

Some cat in the toy box .....

Pansy Here I have a problem you see i am a toyaholic  i do not like to share
then the unthinkably happen .............. Some cats in my toy Box

I am not a Happpy Pansy ,,, How dare they be in  My toy box mine 

It mine now Young pansy

 some time you just need to respect your elders  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and take a nap instead of fighting