Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pany Talk Nurtrtion

Pansy here It is very impotent that we eat healthy to make us in the best shape we can be but you must also nip healthy. Nipping your fruirts is very impotent for good nip concmtion I take nipping very sesiously

Here i am nipping My appple yes Appples are a good nipping choice ,

Here i am demarcating proper bunny kicking of my Banna or i should say what left of my banna  Banna are a very healthy and my faviort toy to nip with I am also a great Nip teacher I have taught B a thing or toy about nip

Out of all are toys B pics the Banna good job maing heathy Nipping choices B 

So it is very importent to nip heathy and since are humans like us to be heathy instenst on catnip fruit


Monday, April 28, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pansy Has a Boy freind

Pansy Has a boy friend his name his  cross eyed gorge. They meet wiser to wisker as they shared a ride up the cost together so. Mama said they not alloud to do anything more IM till pansy is 21 mouths old she only 12 mouths now so they can get to know each other and that it,


Pasnsy and Gorgie sitttng in tree K I S S I NG

frist come love

then comhe maragie

then comes  pansy with the kitten carage
 Pansy: Ummm B  I spaded there will be no kittens here

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why mr B is the best brother ever by Pany Rose

So Mr B loves Dry  food and Me I am a wet good type of girl I eat dry but wet is my choice So B  has listened to me he leaves me a lot of his wet food and I leave him alot of cruches. He even lets me eat it right out of his bowl some how mama lara is not for this so she sit and trys not to let it happen but it dose. PS we got the best gift today a drink well 360 B loves it I like it too

Friday, April 18, 2014

How to get two dinners By Mr B

As you heard B stands for Big and i am big on din din i never seen a din din i do not like in my world B should get two or 3 or 4 din din but then there the Bad D word that mama Laura keeps useing Dieit  , I keep telling her i going to die and she said  No B this this is good for you

So last night i came up with the plan

1. step one make sure you have Pansy in on it

2. Make pansy act lke she needs all the atteion in the world ( she good at this) then mama forgets to close of maxie room for din din

3.  while Pansy is doing this eat as fast as you can and run  under the bed wait for Maxie to do his thing

4,  wait till door is closed and Mama has pansy play time (she forget about maxie while pansy plays and i nap)

5 dueing pansy play time come out and steal maxie din din scarf it down

6.   save a small amout for the Pansy since she helped you get your second din din

7/ Act all incenent like you did nothing worng

8. Lick your chops in satifition you just got two din dins !!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Brithday Mr B

wow it been forever there alot going on thats why we not bloged in like forever. Alot of it has to do with Pansy we may update in another time but right now i like to mewo about Mr B

Mr B the cat who almost did not make it to 7 becuse he landed in a shelter but was pulled out becuse of all you.

Mr B who was a 21 lb cat when i frist got him who is now an 18 lb cat due to hard work

Mr B the cat who loves every one

Mr B that cat then when he goes on a walk about goes to the nabior who will  give him there rost chicken dinner then cuddle up with there 2 year old for a nap

Mr B who athmas was so bad rose was always taking him to the vet

Today I like to paint My B my sweet boy who gets along with everyone much his dismay has lost 3 lbs this year who has a line of B fans that love him so. 

Some say B stood for Brurtis  some say it stood for Big  Some even say Beautiful  but the truth is it stands for Best because that what he is the Best of the best. And today it stands for Brithday Happy 8 brithday Big  B your are turly the best of the best