Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toes on tuseday

yup part of have big maily cat toes is making sure they clean clean clean

Sunday, July 28, 2013

man cat monday

Maxie here I found this very comfy spot to nap it my faviort and this blanket goes so well wiff my fur.

Now it time to Play What did Mr B do Now

Mr B broke my kibble dish yes he did it was all his fault you see he jumped up on the counter why mama was makeing dinner and mewoed his head off and then wiff his fatt boooty knocked it to the floor. That why mama calls him Bootyputts cuse he got a fat one. Now i Maxie am forsed to eat out of somthing else i hate I think he should pay for a new one out of his teat money but that being useing to pay for a lamp he broke and some dishes  I am furry upset

Friday, July 26, 2013

fluffy Firday

21 lbs of fluff, cuddles and love mama Laura is so lucky to have me

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My thoughts for Thusday

Maxie here I like to tell you my thoughts for thusday.  Mr B is a bully but he good for treets becuse he begs for them day and night my back fur is a mess and i do not want it groomed or touched i might need to get a lion man cut I do not want this MR B and me are back in a stifff we seem to go off and on wiff it.  I do not like the Chikcen food i been eating for 5 years I want something diffent not that type on more.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

toes for toeday

Mama Loves ginger toes both sets of them She said only thing better could be one more set belonging to a special girl ginger we miss her alot

Monday, July 22, 2013

Man cat in Hat on Monday

I only  did this For LL it was not that i liked it But mama Loved it when LL did it  so i had to do it too it makes me miss her alot ,

B wants to play what did the Big Ginger Catdo So i trune of the key bord

This week Was a great week for the B. I have loose poop i always have so i have taken to draging my tail and butt across the carrpet in what mama calls the B waddle it like i sit and then pull my self by my front paw aroccess the carpet dragging my tail leaving a little bit Of B behind for mama Laura to clean up she loves it I know she dose

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helping On Thusday

Momma was about to change out the litter boxes she brought these in to do it and went to put away the rest of the stuff from the store and So i helping with the change of the boxes I good helper . I hope in boxes and test all boxes out before they can get used.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Man cats Monday

what better then one Man cat On Monday We Know Two Man Cats On Monday

Sunday, July 7, 2013

snoozy sunday - with B

I think I found the best place to spend a snoozy Sunday wake me when it Monday

Saturday, July 6, 2013

You did not think you were useing this Before you feed The B ?

What You need to use  This The B is Hungry and should be The Frist thing you think about feed The B and the Love the B and then Treat the B. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Freinds on Firday

Well It time tings settle down and It time we became freinds again. So our last post we posted about
why I hate B. well I don't hate him any more it became very importent to mama to make us freidns again . So once we knew the problem i was how do we go about fixing it . So today we going to walk you the path to fixing Maxie and B 

  1.  Frist thing terrory is alll about sent. Who sent is were. So mama took eveything a washed it  that included Maigolds stuff and put alot her stuff away in  meory trunk to keep for latter when it don't hurt as bad. She left two home base My faviort B scarcher was untouch and Maxie most fivortie bed. So if it ever became too much we had home bases to come back to.
2. Treats wiff smell no seeing since B will do anything for treets  Maxie likes treats but B all hogs them

3.lots of  attetion for Maxie why B watched . Every time maxie was out I gave him tons and tons of attention and play and ignored B. B did not like this B  i watched Maxie become a little more King of My casle again once he knew he was okay And was getting good suff that B did not

4. Toys switch. Both boys love love love catnip  So when i have one on one time with B i hand him a catnip toy for him to do what cats do to catnip toys after he was done and droped the toy I walk into the other room for Maxie and hand him the same Toy so it had B sent all over his toy

5. Declutter I noticed the room were not uncluned like they should be so i went and i relly cleaned things up making sure there were tons of B space to go up high and tons of space for them to just B near each other and see each other with out intercating leaning what cats do . Once I put all these things toghter  for a while

I got cats who could hang toghter and not be scard

I also added a window hamic I got them right before marigold died since i have huge windows  that no matter what i did always seem to land in fights  

Monday, July 1, 2013

news from the boys

We guess it time to get back to business here so we get going.  The day After Marigold left the house the last time I maxie started Acting Funny. B who i was very very close with I all the sudden was very very scard of and would spend alot of time under the bed,  Mama  had no Idea what happend to he Maxie boy and was very very sad about the whole thing, She thought i was grieving Marigold I guesss I am in  my own kind of Maxie way Marigold was kind of the peace cat she keeped B in line and in cheek. Well when she was not Felling well and B came home from the vet I clam he attacked me now I am scard to death of the big Guy.  B said I am a sissy and I making a mountion out of a mole hill But i want notning to do with him. So she started  paying more one on one attention to me and have cuddle man time with out B and Maxie Only play session  to boot my condense . Well it starting to work i can be in the same room with him just not cuddling yet. He still big and scary to be. Mama call me her sestive guy .

B here. I miss Mairgold but am so enjoying my mama Laura time I get specail one one one time with her and I must admit I love it. Mama wants to thank evey one who helped us in all ways Yes she did love Mairgold just like she had had her since she was a kitten. It was good to have a girl cat who loved to cuddle and love to be loved and kissed she will miss her sweet little face and everything else . Today she came home part of her when to ML and maryland and Part of her will stay with mama and part is in a teddy bear for cddleing still and part is on the self witff mama favorite picketer of her . It give us a sence of peace to be closeing this chaper but opening a new one