Friday, July 5, 2013

Freinds on Firday

Well It time tings settle down and It time we became freinds again. So our last post we posted about
why I hate B. well I don't hate him any more it became very importent to mama to make us freidns again . So once we knew the problem i was how do we go about fixing it . So today we going to walk you the path to fixing Maxie and B 

  1.  Frist thing terrory is alll about sent. Who sent is were. So mama took eveything a washed it  that included Maigolds stuff and put alot her stuff away in  meory trunk to keep for latter when it don't hurt as bad. She left two home base My faviort B scarcher was untouch and Maxie most fivortie bed. So if it ever became too much we had home bases to come back to.
2. Treats wiff smell no seeing since B will do anything for treets  Maxie likes treats but B all hogs them

3.lots of  attetion for Maxie why B watched . Every time maxie was out I gave him tons and tons of attention and play and ignored B. B did not like this B  i watched Maxie become a little more King of My casle again once he knew he was okay And was getting good suff that B did not

4. Toys switch. Both boys love love love catnip  So when i have one on one time with B i hand him a catnip toy for him to do what cats do to catnip toys after he was done and droped the toy I walk into the other room for Maxie and hand him the same Toy so it had B sent all over his toy

5. Declutter I noticed the room were not uncluned like they should be so i went and i relly cleaned things up making sure there were tons of B space to go up high and tons of space for them to just B near each other and see each other with out intercating leaning what cats do . Once I put all these things toghter  for a while

I got cats who could hang toghter and not be scard

I also added a window hamic I got them right before marigold died since i have huge windows  that no matter what i did always seem to land in fights  


  1. WE are glad they are trying to get along, again!

  2. Paws up for good friendships!

  3. Sounds like you're on the right track! Fingers and paws crossed that things keep moving in the right direction!