Thursday, June 26, 2014

8 years ago - Happy 1st gota day mr B

Mr B has 2 gota days. We never want to forget Rose she was  crazy for B and Marigold and so we celbarte both is Gota day to his frist mama and is Gota day to Me , 8 years ago QM rose went to pick up a set a kitten form the nerwrk airport she reported a smile never left her face. Rose I know you look down so hold Marigold tight and I keeping B till the time come. We never forget your love for B as he was always and always will be you Big Red Texan

taken 8 years ago today with the baby Royals B and Marigold

Monday, June 23, 2014

Man cat Monday = Maxie

my faviorte thing to do is sleep in the window and dream of rehoming Pansy Somehow mama dose not like that idea one bit

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Snoozy Sunday - With B

Yup is sunny sundae and it snoozy for sure. I Love My Pitty rubs  and I going to make shure she its the sweet spots all over tummy and under that pitty

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

thow back thusday Pansy

Six mouth ago on December 10 I feel in love with this face at the time alone is a sheler a rare female ginger just what heaven has order we been though alot in six mouth and i thought about sending her back to Florida to live with Malissa alot, But i still love her and now even more  She may not be prefect she has her issue and we work on them on a daily  but i will forever love her

and here she is today.... Princess Pizza Pansy I love you

Monday, June 16, 2014

Man cat Bhaving Badly - Mr B

So last my asmath has been bad so mom dragged me to dr Stabby, When i frist got there i made nice nice to the tec till she tryed to touch me then i tryed to eat her.  Then she left and yowaled get me out of here well while i was in my crying mode I found a dog of dog treat and another jat of stuff in glass. One my favorite activies is brake the treat jar into pice by the time mama  saw what i was doing crash it went  and every came a running Mama was saying she was so sorry yup she was and  they moved me room score on B.  Then  I had to make sure they knew i owned the room so i peeed in it  right on the outlits and on the window They cleaned that up and Dr Stabby came in and first i played all nice nice then i truned on Big B Mode. I hissed and growed at dr stabby  making it very clear i did not like her and tryed to put my teeth in Dr Stabby arm  Then they put me in My PTU I dod not want to go in a PTU I am royal i hate the PTU  so i Tryed to eat  Dr Stabby Then mama got me in  
Once in My PTU Dr Stabby came over to talk to mama well she my mama and I do not want her talking to Dr Satbbby so i hised growed and made sure they knew who was Big Bad B was.

But  Being Big Bad B at the vet make me tired and I love my scarching lounge  So I came home and layed on it like nothing had ever happend and became super B againg. Mama said she was so embrassed by bing bad B she was thinking she should send a furit basket over to Dr Stabby. I was just making Dr Stabby and staff earn those green papper after all Dr Stabby not cheep   so I just gave her more Big Bad B  for that Green paper .

Saturday, June 14, 2014

rembering Mairgold

One year ago i knew i had to make the hardest choice ever to let mairgold go back to rose  I alway knew when i took the royals that it was my job to love them and then some day i would give them back to rose . Marigold was in my life for only 4 short mouths but when she got sick knowing that she would be reunited with Rose filled my heart with happens. Rose loved her more then words could say. She was crazy in love with her Royals.  One year ago I head Mairgold for the last time and told her to go find Rose,  Marigold you have left your paw prinrs on my heart I loved you only for a short time but i did love you.  I know some day i see you again and get to met Rose but intill that day comes snuggle tight with rose  ......

I never regretted taking the royals  Marigold was a speical cat  whom i was lucky to browor for a short time   What i was able to give her was peace and comfort  for that time so she did not die in a sheller and she went from the arms of someone who loved her to the arms of someone who loved her just as much ............ I

Monday, June 2, 2014

Man cat Moday

Yes so i am manly but i am also a mama boy  and a good man cat know to put love on there mama after all thats were the Nom are and I LOVE MY NOMS