Thursday, June 26, 2014

8 years ago - Happy 1st gota day mr B

Mr B has 2 gota days. We never want to forget Rose she was  crazy for B and Marigold and so we celbarte both is Gota day to his frist mama and is Gota day to Me , 8 years ago QM rose went to pick up a set a kitten form the nerwrk airport she reported a smile never left her face. Rose I know you look down so hold Marigold tight and I keeping B till the time come. We never forget your love for B as he was always and always will be you Big Red Texan

taken 8 years ago today with the baby Royals B and Marigold


  1. Happy first gotcha day, Brutus! I know Rose is so happy for your life now.

  2. Oh, we love look backs, especially happy ones like this!