Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maxie Got ya day 8=1- -14 writen ealry due to thing goin on in house

Maxie came into my life 6 years ago. I renumber the date When i frist adopted maxie we had an interesting  relationship I was still very much in morning over Mu shue , You see Mu shue was my sole cat . Not that i do not love all my cats But mu shue was the first.

Maxie could never filll mu shue shoses no matter how much i wanted him to and the frist year i had him i have admit i was not the best owner . Yes i loved him but i  found my self saying thing like i wish you were mu shue .

The truth was he could never be  Mu Shue and that would have to be okay. I think this is why after Margiold and Lilly lu died i waitred before bringing in other cats I need to make sure i was not going to do wha5 i did to Maxie to another cat.

Maxie grew very close to A she could always clam him down and she him

Maxie got very sick this was my worst night mear Maxie behavior at the vet was bad to say the least on his frist vist he attacked the vet  So when he got sick due to a deatal cleaning go wrong and he was not going to live i did not know what to do , I think if i look back on it this is when are realtionship grew stronger as i knew what i would do Love him spend time with him and kiss him just as i had done with so meny other cats

After LL died he was the cat who coforted me who wash away mey tears over her and spent six mouths as an only cat I was supized at how well he welcomed the Roylas and became best bro with B

I know he hate pansy I wish i could do somthing to take away his fear but that just somting he needs to work on.

So Babby Maxie my how we change i love you now and I love you forever I can say your not mu shue but your Maxie and thats all you need to be my little lion Club Max Max

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Starving on Sat Bad Mr Chwqy

Yes this is my hungey face. So this is a story of Mr chewy,
Our story begins a few weeks ago with Chewy we had auto ships but mama had deylaed it becuse we had enough noms and did not want too much noms is that even a words, So she called chewy to review hwe auto ships and get a few things extra this mouth that we do not need evey mouth. Very nice they went over it with a fine tooth comb and enshured mama her order was to be shipped out the next busssiss day and would be there  in a day or two max they siad one itim was back order that why they did not send it out but would send it out the next day and we get are noms, A dew days passed no noms i noms supply is getting pretty low and to get are noms localy mama has to go to a speical pet store over 39 mins away  So she made the trip and picked up a few noms  all they had of one flavior that all 3 of us love, to get buy till chewy  came though

a few days later some of are noms came but were poorly packed , Coquin smoothed boxes stincky  goodness opened treat opened and we were missing 8 of are faviorte noms, Well mama checked the web sight to see if it was still back order no, So she figered she get them in a day or two, So she let a few days go buy nothing, They said the order had dispreed form UPS and they send out more noms, they be here on Wed garteee wed went buy no sticky goodness the Thursday they said they sent a box out it should be here. But it was not she called fireday and said were my Noms they said ups has them they should be coming, UPS came with are box we opened it up waiting to see my faviote sticky goodness it was someone elses order  stuff mama would never let us eat huge box of wrong stufff with someone else order slip in the box and not even mams name. Mama called chewy again and said were are noms this is crazy I never had problems with you before why caa't you get my order right  they said that they sent the box but ups lost it again and they were sorry they do not ship over the weekend  and to doate the wrong stuff to a shelter,

We love to help other cat and we glad other cats will enjoy box ad boxes of   sticky goodness that is not stuff we like but we going to starbve of chewy watch  Mama order  over 600 worth of stuff from chewy and  now is done she said she rather drive then deal wiff them any more

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toys for Tiseday - Pansy Rose

No I do i  have enough toys

No I do not want to share

Yes; You should order more

 Yes: I am spoiled

Yes I should be spoiled even more

any more question  ............ good now  Mom go and by me a new nip nana

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Man cat Monday in need of a Lawer ... B

The Noms around her have not been up to B sattfation there just is not enough of them I tryed everything  I slowly starving to death.  So I might or Might not have gone into the kitchen knocked over the trash can and spread the trash every were looking for nums ..

Here are the facts,,, Before the trash can was knocked over I was in the kicken looking for noms i opened the door but they were all in B proof contors I was still staveing with sevral hours left till din din Meowing had not helped  I had tried that for an hour

Then a Big bang was heard and  maam was doing sommthing and she fiely got to invagate that were i was spoted leaving the kickeing licking my lips but the trash wass all over the floor i mean all over  Mama said I am being charged with dectrion of property and leaving the sean of a ctime

She aske me how i plead i said Hungry ...........  she said that dose not count  I think i need some help here

Saturday, July 5, 2014

6 mouths of Pansy

six mouths ago  after 3  weeks of waiting a kitty cat came into my life. Pansy Rose, I had no idea what i was getting into the time it would take to adjust as she still is 6 mouths latter but i love her agressivenss and all she just wants to rule thats all it is she wants to b top cat

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Testing on Tuseday day

Pansy Sometime I bully my brother Maxie is sacrd of Little me he hids alot becuse i like to chace him a ton. Well we had a Major barake though in my bad behavior , Today Maxie went up  high in sted of running and mama started to play neco fly with me that was 1000 times better then playing chace the maxie, Then mama saw Maxie wanted down but would not go with me on the grond so we did clicker training.  This is  were the best non non come out on a click form the clicker and i sit and get nom nom today evven maxie joined in B learned this too becuse he like Nom as much as i do . Then maxie wanted to leave so mama keeped clicker Me and B and insted of chaceng maxie we got nom we all love nom mama was so happy she called this the big Pansy Rose test since i take meds to make my head less fussy and I can do all sorts of fun thing with a less fuzzzy brain Mama said Now that also means I am relly forever I already knew that part .............