Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Gota ya day Pansy Rose

One year ago  in a Ri parking lote late at night i became a proud cat to my mama what a year it been

Here i am waiting for mama 

This is my frist photo with mama and my frist meeting 

Frist mama leaned how much i love nip
I was digoused with Feline lower Ullogic sydrom this caused me to think i own the box  I spent alot of time at the vet

I got my self a handsome boy friend cat named crossed eyed gorgie we have a big date to night

In May for mothers day i took an 8 day walk about 
After that walk about I was so tired i slepped for days
And made best freinds with B he such a good teacher he teaches me lots like how to get treats any time i want
I leaned about catnip Banna and bunny kicking them for stress relefie

I  Played some games on the I pad
and Looked cute
Showed some Belly
Got up set when B stole my toys
But since he the best brother ever i let him have them
I  December I got my frist seecreat Paw from Spike willams
I  hope you loved your look back into my frist yeat
I leave you with this  photo of me  mama loves it I telling mama I love crossed Gorogie