Monday, April 29, 2013

I going to starve Mr b

Help Mama Laura took all the food so marigold can have dental the probelm is Marigold is a little piggy she ate my dinner before i could push maxie out of the way to eat his he ate most of his so now all i have is nothing I only ate half of maxie and a few what iris had left over I have no idea how i make it to mroning wiff out my mid night snack I going to stave this well be the end of B my 21 lbs of fat will only last so long before i wither away into nothing. someone please send temptation morning is a long time off.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy 11 brithday Lilly Lu

Happy birthday sweet girl in heaven  we know you look down on us we rember you every day, I think the best gift you ever gave me was to continue my love. I still have not been able to put out the pink crown as it was all yours I love you.

What pepole do not know about Lilly she was not a cuddly cat she was a feet on the grown at all times  cat. She was not very freindly but always wanted to be near me. She loved me in her own sweet Lilly Lu way. After she died i was not sure i could get another cat, There will never be another Lilly. I been thinking about a middle name for Marigold and I think it should be  Lillian Rose  after the two in heven who sent her. Fly  free sweet girl

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pray for boston

as some of you know we are from the boston ara we live 30 mins from Boston. Growing up mama grandmother lived in Boston right there in Copy Square so she has been there meny meny meny time. One of the stuidos she works for is right on the street were it happened. She almost ran boston this year In September was thinking about it and was asked by a freind to do it in Honnor of are youngest child adoption and the place that made it all happen. Due to an ankle issue was told it was not a good idea . She has menu freinds who did run some were able to finssh a few were stoped 5 miles or so from the finsh line.  Boston is very close to mama heart Lilly Lu was the biggest red sox fan know to cat kind.we had been to fenway park meny times..

But even with all this bid we like to think this show how good people can be and how meny pepole rushed to help. Boston is an old strong city. We love and always will

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My tramitic day Mr B

wow what a hard day i had. Frist it started out early with mom leaving me for that zumba thing she dose then she came home and cleaned the whole house this invoiled are litter boxed I was so freacked out when she was cleaning out the old litter I thought she was throwing me out wiff the old litter every time litter boxes get changed it only because they were throwing out the B. She promiced me I not going anywhere and this is really a forever home. But i still a bit nervous because i really starting to like that maxie and would be very sad if i had to leave him. 

She reasured me wiff my faviort toona temptations. That was before she used the big sucky michen to clean up the catnip mess that me and maxie made. Then she put on the music loud and started jumping around the fresh vacuum living room. she said she was parcting that zumba thing.

I not sure it been very tramtic day. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

I have no probem sleeping

Mr B here I been kick out of the bed room last night of over cuddling in the middle of the night  It turns out that my humans do not Like B love at 2:25 am and that a 21 lbs B jumping on your chest wakes them up and that me playing with Maxie at 2:00 am is not okay on the bed. But i sleep all day I have no idea why there so upset 
PS I have a bit of an Upset tummy yesteday so mama started me on probotics

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iris mewos - Mu shue pooh Hero day

Come Maxie Marigold and Mr B I want to tell you the story of a real man cat A man cat who loved us so much or Loved mama Laura so much he do anything for her. A long time ago before you were here there lived a real Hero Mu shue.

Mama Laura was living in an apt Wiff me and Mu shue, The apt had a major fire and everyone thought we were gone. Amamial control gave very little hope. But Mu shue did something very brave he lead Lilly Lu into a desk and then he bit me and Draged me into it as well so we all be okay and saved from the smokey and water. We were found a few days latter but the stress was too much for Mu shue and we found out shortly after he had cancer and he passed to the bridge.

Maxie He sent me. Yes maxie Mu shue sent you to love Mama Laura like he could not. For along time after Mama Laura would compare you to mu shue but then you healed a heart. Thats why your  middle name Is Million becuse you had to heal a Millon litte whole left in her heart.

Maxie: UMMM My middle name is Muffsa  Millon  Becuse when mamma Laura gets Mad like when i am useing Marigold as my new faviort toy  She yells MAXWELL MUFFSA  MILLION. 

Iris sigh yea you should probely stop useing girl cats as toys they tend not to like it.

Marigold you know that green quilt you like. Yea Well that was our hearos.

Mu shue may you have a Happy Hero day at Rainbow bridge we sure you celbrateing with Kayla and Lilly Lu we love and always rember you  and say Hello to Rose why your there

Monday, April 8, 2013

would you like chesse with that wine ? - Mr B

when i am not happy i have a very disected mewo mama Laura calls it My B wine. So when I want to be cuddled with and her arm feel aleep and she moves it i wine or if my dinner is late. So I wine every moring and she always saids Mr B would you like some cheese with that wine. My respoce I like some cheese with some toona and some tempations with my wine. Please and Thank you

Mr B

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy 7th Brithday Mr B and Mairgold

Today 7 years ago Gace gave brith to you an now 7 years latter i could not love you more.

Mama Laura: Hi Mr B happy birthday can i viewpoint you

Mr B: Yawn Nope not for free

Mama Laura: I got temptation Tonna tempations

Mr B: Well now you mewoing  So yea i guess

Mama Laura: Thanks B  I start off simple what do you think of your new name.

Mr B: Humm Well at frist i did not like it  But now i do not respond to Burtis any more Just B or Mr B. When you call my name I mewo with happiness

Mr B whats your faviort place to sleep; Humm it depends I like sleeping on your chest and on your blanket and pillows. But  When you must leave me I like to sleep on your zumba stuff. When i am overstimalted or scared I go to the top of the fridge

Mama Laura: Food?

Mr B yes please I am straving

Mama Laura: Sigh no faviort B

Mr B: Sigh you can't say food and not give me any brake out those tempations

Mama Laura : soon

MR B: Now I not mewoing any more with out them

Mama Laura: sigh  fine here have a few I give up I move on to Marigold

Mama Laura: Mairgold sweety Can I mewo with you I got toona greenies

Margold: Toona? Mewo away

Mama Laura; What do you like about living here

Marigold: You cuddling the window the yummy food cuddling food food did i memton food

Mama Laura: Is there anything you do not like; Thats simple not enough food, Maxie treating me like i am his new toy and you leaving

Mama Laura: But hunny you sleep all day.

Marigold: I may sleep but I want you to stay and stop that stupid dance thing and stop daning around the living room taking up my space an leave out the food for gosh sake i am starving., And do somthing about maxie and Iris too ,

Mama Laura: sigh

well happy 7th brithday sweety your gifts will be given to you latter.  I love you two

The day befor you brithday - Mama Laura

Dear Mr B and Mairgold,

Tomorrow is a special day for you. You both trun 7 That make you older then Maxie and Iris  I may have not raised you for you frist 6 years. But that dose not mean I love you any less these past few mouths have been tramtic for both of you as you were transported form place to place. But now your safe and sound home with me. I know you Mama rose wishes she could wish you both a happy brithday as you were both her heart.  I want you to know how much your loved not just by me but by a lot of pepole who went though alot to make sure you landed safely and together I know they want to join in the celebration of you. I hipe you love all your gifts and know how extra speical you both are to mw I love you

Thursday, April 4, 2013

weird things about us

We thought we share some facts about us since are personalty are just coming out

Mairgold  I love jumping around things up high Maxie will not go there and he thinks i am a toy sometimes

Mr B evern though i have my own food set I will not eat from it at all i go to great leaths to only eat after marigold and form her dish food tast the best from mairgolds dish. I do not Like maxie or Iris food just Mairgold

Maxie: Sometime i play hard with the other cats wesleing with Mr b over a tent or chacing Marigold I become a bully cat sometimes

Marigold I love anything tuna flaviored espoely greenies

Most of are play aka Maxie bulling happens very early morning

Maxie name must have to be changed To No Maxwell or Maxwell

We all love one starching tree

Marigold: I love one flavor of food anything differnt i not touching it