Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pray for boston

as some of you know we are from the boston ara we live 30 mins from Boston. Growing up mama grandmother lived in Boston right there in Copy Square so she has been there meny meny meny time. One of the stuidos she works for is right on the street were it happened. She almost ran boston this year In September was thinking about it and was asked by a freind to do it in Honnor of are youngest child adoption and the place that made it all happen. Due to an ankle issue was told it was not a good idea . She has menu freinds who did run some were able to finssh a few were stoped 5 miles or so from the finsh line.  Boston is very close to mama heart Lilly Lu was the biggest red sox fan know to cat kind.we had been to fenway park meny times..

But even with all this bid we like to think this show how good people can be and how meny pepole rushed to help. Boston is an old strong city. We love and always will


  1. We were shocked and saddened when we heard this news. We are glad your Mom did not run.

  2. Purrs to everyone in Boston - I know how strong you all are, and I was very moved by how many humans helped the wounded.