Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iris mewos - Mu shue pooh Hero day

Come Maxie Marigold and Mr B I want to tell you the story of a real man cat A man cat who loved us so much or Loved mama Laura so much he do anything for her. A long time ago before you were here there lived a real Hero Mu shue.

Mama Laura was living in an apt Wiff me and Mu shue, The apt had a major fire and everyone thought we were gone. Amamial control gave very little hope. But Mu shue did something very brave he lead Lilly Lu into a desk and then he bit me and Draged me into it as well so we all be okay and saved from the smokey and water. We were found a few days latter but the stress was too much for Mu shue and we found out shortly after he had cancer and he passed to the bridge.

Maxie He sent me. Yes maxie Mu shue sent you to love Mama Laura like he could not. For along time after Mama Laura would compare you to mu shue but then you healed a heart. Thats why your  middle name Is Million becuse you had to heal a Millon litte whole left in her heart.

Maxie: UMMM My middle name is Muffsa  Millon  Becuse when mamma Laura gets Mad like when i am useing Marigold as my new faviort toy  She yells MAXWELL MUFFSA  MILLION. 

Iris sigh yea you should probely stop useing girl cats as toys they tend not to like it.

Marigold you know that green quilt you like. Yea Well that was our hearos.

Mu shue may you have a Happy Hero day at Rainbow bridge we sure you celbrateing with Kayla and Lilly Lu we love and always rember you  and say Hello to Rose why your there


  1. Mu Shue was an extraordinary cat, and I love that he is being honored today.

  2. We remember the big fire and how scared every one was for you three. We celebrate Mu Shue Pooh Hero Day with you! He was such a great mancat!

  3. Hi Iris! We sure do remember Mu Shue and his heroic acts. We purred constantly for all of you to be found alive and well. When we read that you'd been found, we were so happy! And then when the Lady read how the vet said you had the little bitey mark on the scruff of your neck and that Mu Shue had dragged you to safety, the Lady burst into tears (happy ones). We will always love Mu Shue. <3

  4. Aw, that's a very touching story! Hurray for Mu Shue the Hero!

  5. Gentle headbuttts to Mama Laura. Mu shue was a hero kittie.

  6. Rest in peace sweet Mu Shue. You truly were a hero.

    Brenda, Boots & Ozzie