Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy 7th Brithday Mr B and Mairgold

Today 7 years ago Gace gave brith to you an now 7 years latter i could not love you more.

Mama Laura: Hi Mr B happy birthday can i viewpoint you

Mr B: Yawn Nope not for free

Mama Laura: I got temptation Tonna tempations

Mr B: Well now you mewoing  So yea i guess

Mama Laura: Thanks B  I start off simple what do you think of your new name.

Mr B: Humm Well at frist i did not like it  But now i do not respond to Burtis any more Just B or Mr B. When you call my name I mewo with happiness

Mr B whats your faviort place to sleep; Humm it depends I like sleeping on your chest and on your blanket and pillows. But  When you must leave me I like to sleep on your zumba stuff. When i am overstimalted or scared I go to the top of the fridge

Mama Laura: Food?

Mr B yes please I am straving

Mama Laura: Sigh no faviort B

Mr B: Sigh you can't say food and not give me any brake out those tempations

Mama Laura : soon

MR B: Now I not mewoing any more with out them

Mama Laura: sigh  fine here have a few I give up I move on to Marigold

Mama Laura: Mairgold sweety Can I mewo with you I got toona greenies

Margold: Toona? Mewo away

Mama Laura; What do you like about living here

Marigold: You cuddling the window the yummy food cuddling food food did i memton food

Mama Laura: Is there anything you do not like; Thats simple not enough food, Maxie treating me like i am his new toy and you leaving

Mama Laura: But hunny you sleep all day.

Marigold: I may sleep but I want you to stay and stop that stupid dance thing and stop daning around the living room taking up my space an leave out the food for gosh sake i am starving., And do somthing about maxie and Iris too ,

Mama Laura: sigh

well happy 7th brithday sweety your gifts will be given to you latter.  I love you two


  1. Happy Birthday, Marigold and Mr. B.

  2. Happy birthday, Mr. B and Marigold! I am SO glad you are happy in your new home!

  3. Aw, happy birthday Mr. B and Marigold! We're so glad we still get to see what's going on with you, and knowing you are so happy!

  4. Happy birthday sweet Marigold and Mr B. Momma Rose will be smiling in Heaven today as she watches Momma Laura spoil you. Love you all. xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Mr B and Marigold! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and treats.

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. B and Marigold! We are so happy that you have such a wonderful and loving new home. We know Rose sent you to Mama Laura because she knew how much love you would get.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. B and Marigold! Know you will have a wonderful day with Mom Laura spoiling you even more than she already does!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Marigold and Mr B!! I am over the moon purrleased that Miss Laura adopted you and you have such a great furever home. purrrs and paw pats, Savannah and Mom Linda

  9. Happy Purrthday Mr. B & Marigold! We hope your day is full of love, cuddles, food, treats, toys and lots more food! <3

  10. Happy Birthday to Marigold and Mr. B. We are so happy they are now with you, Mom Laura, and that they are doing well.

  11. Happy Birthday Mr B and Marigold.

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. B and Marigold. I wish for you plenty of nip and Temptations.

  13. Happy birthday, Mr. B and Marigold! We are so glad you are so happy and loved in your new forever home.

  14. Happy HAPPY Birthday to you both!!

    I know we count the days differently, but still ... they're pretty close!!

    purrrrrrrrrsssssss and {{{{hugs}}}}

    Grace & Company

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. B and Marigold!