Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our story mo

we sorry no pic today mama I phone died she got anotherone it died now she waiting for them to send her a 3rd iphone that she prays will not die becuse she has to go to teach an all day zumba training on sunday, and she need to know how to get there.

She we thought we share a little bit about our story and since i am sitting right on the key pad as my mama Laura types it I marigold will mewo this

So today on Savanva blog we saw her tell our story so we thought we mewo a little about our story.

Mama Laura and queen mum rose were never great freinds. When Bue joined are family at frist and was so upset Mom Laura offered mom rose a free paied sestion to Ms Dawn are amaimal commactor Mama uses her to talk to us some times about life. Thinking she jump at the chance she mewoed back No  and said she wanted the money for mr B vet insted since what mama was going to give was a gift cerftictic she had got and was going to use the rest for us she said never mind.

However when Lilly Lu died she posted about missing her and wanted to keep her stuff and Mama rose Mewoed she knew how she felt as she keped a stack of copy papper bue had licke page by page and just could not thow it out. . This made Mama smile.

Mama had stoped bloging after LL died it just hurt too much she thought about adopting again and almost did it but then said No.  She also gave away Mikey and Callie rose to her brother roger and It was her and Iris and Maxie but Iris is not bonded to Maxie no relly to mama Maxie had truned into a lazy ginger and he said he liked getting all the attetiohen she saw Queen Mum rose had died she thought i always loved ginger and I wanted a Ginger girl my whole life. Rember Mu shue was ginger too.  She saw it on sparkles facebook. Who dose not follow sparkle anyways. Hay Spakle if your reading this we need like a pawagarf and a new book mama miss placed her in the move

The probelm is Mikey and Callie rose we also never on Mama Lease some how she was able to skip that and the Land Lady did not care. But this time she was sure she ask just to be offical.en

So when she did not hear any thing she took it as a good sing.  But the Land Lady had to be a Femail dog and started casuing problems. The problem is Mama house was in the most derebrbal sestion of the town we live in and they took it and expaned it add a new kicken and stuff and the LL in retutun never raised rents but this year the two house on both sides of mama went for over 2 millon each and the Land Lady started seeing doller sings and knew she was getting old and the money would be very helpful but she had made a very lond lease that still had two years left wiff mama and she could not sell till then. She was very woried she miss the bubble and started getting nit picky.

So then mama had to find a place to live and she found a place in near the waltham line only problem is the kids would not be able to go to the brand new school that was being built next year and they now had to pay two rents becuse she was not giving us up and not giving up the best school for the kids.  So they took the place for Mama but are keeping the old place for a few mouths so the kids can finsh school and next year the new school will let her send her kids becuse it larger and she right on the line for the new school

But we had to go somewear one night we stayed wiff mama freind then we went to her old house till our two olck vet vist then she took us to a hotle and she felt bad but the vet said it was better now then any other time becuse once we settled we forget about it, But then we got to our forver home and met Maxie and Iris wisker to wisker . Maxie and Mr B who mama was most woried wiff love each other so much they often wisker kiss and they sleep toghter cuddle every night Maxie chaces me but mama said it the most he moved since LL died.

So we think what Happend is Rose and LL met at rainbow bridge and they said Mama Laura needs something and Rose said I know too an she sent us to her.

Sometime when mama Laura is cuddling wiff us she wonders how mama rose feels  and she hopes she is smileing down know how much we loved

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What can I say I am Hungery Marigold

So Yea I maybe Little but I do not plan to stay that way. I love human food I love others cat food. I love dinner time I love Bresfest time I love MR B bresfest I love Maxie Bresfted I love Iris brefest I love mama Breafest I love Mama lunch I love Maxie and Mr B dinner I love toona I love chinna I most of all love my surf and truff cruches. I love dairy and honey muster salda dressing I love food

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I did not know what i need was you (maxie)

 Have You ever need something and just did not know it or wanted but once it came you relized it was what you need all the time? Well this is what happened to me I did not want another sibbling now i have two Marigold ans Mr B. I did not know i need another sibbling now i have two and i relize that what i was missing the whole time was them. I did not want them but now there here I love them.
So I guess the lesson learned in some time you may not want something but you need it I never knew what i need was Mr B and Marigold I think this is going to work out I like having freinds to cuddle and play with welcome to the fmaily Marigold and Mr B your two lucky cats becuse mama Laura is the best of the best I love her i know you will too

Sunday, March 24, 2013

No she leaving me again - MR B

Thats it this has got to stop she always leaving me to do that stupid dance Zumba thing it cutting into my B cuddle time i love my cuddle time and I tried of her say B i need to go to Zumba Spin Body pump Youga abbs class ect. So now If i sit on all her Zumba stuff she cant go . After all why dose she need to leave me?

Friday, March 22, 2013

coach Time is Cuddle time with Marigold

When Laura Sits on the couch that my cue to cudddle I love cuddling we are a buch of royal love bugs
               See this face men your trying to take a picuter thats not cuddling I want cuddling
Now were talking it cuddle time I love cuddle time

Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Mine MR B

Mama Laura you may think this is your spicial blanket but now it my speical blacket I have alot to be thankful for this thusday

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nurse Royal Love Bugs Rupppuring for duty

Last Night Laura said she was feeling off and was going to be she said she did not feel well and was having women issue and was just not happy and very tired well I took this as my job. Nurse Love Bugs rupppuring for duty. Frist I will help by sitting on  her chest
Nurse Marigold ready and able to help wiff nuring duty
Yes The legs are the most importent part of my nursing I will make bisects all over them
Mr B I think You need some speical nuring care i  starting to relly love helping out
Side Not Marigolds teeth will not be cover by my insuince due to the fact that it is pre excting

Monday, March 18, 2013

Luckest cat in the world ( Mr B)

Did I tell you I am the Luckest Mail cat in the world. Yes My freinds I am I went from down in my luck to lucky you all sent me to a great home with a great person. Laura is the bestest . When she come into the kichen and i dive bomb her from the top of the fridge she dose not get mad she said MR B your so cute how did you get up there.  and best of all look what she has She said she glad I use it becuse none of the other cat do Welll it fits me perfectly and now it all mine I also Have my very own Mondo scraching post well I share it wiff Marigold . Mama said Maxie and Iris hate it.  Yup I am one lucky male cat

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


One Hunk of Ginger Fur yes that right lady I am 21 lbs of single male cat

Marigold : What your going to love me forever and ever well then i have no choice but to love you 

Hi I am Mr B I waiting for head rubs and belly rubs toona greenies and temptations please

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Vet Visti

Hi Marigold here. I think i going to love Laura alot. while i will always love mama rose I know that Laura will take great care of me she calls me her Royal love bug thats me a Love bug alll i want to do is cuddle and eat greenies my mouth hurts alot and i am skinny as MR B is a pig. I also love to climb and explor. I going to get my teeth fixed in march so if you could help Mamma Laura wiff a few green paper as this will cost her an arm and a leg and she needs your help. Please my mouth relly hurts alot when someone touches it i try to scratch. and I hiss other wise i am a bundle of love.

MR Bursitis here I am now Mr B. But i live up to my name i am one huge man cat can you belive the vet said i need to lose 10 lbs. I am not happy i going on something called a deit. I am only going to do this deit if it evoles tuna and temptaitons and more tooa . My back was shaved as it hurt alot. It still bothering me a bit. But I love tummy rubs and 2:00 am cuddles nothing like 20lbs of cat on you at two am. We post pic later

Saturday, March 9, 2013

dream Mr B and Mairgold

Dear Mr Burtuis and Marigold

I wanted to write you a letter the night before you arrive with me. I can hardly wait to be your mama Laura or your human slave. I know you had the best mom in rose and I hope i can be 1/2 of what she was to you. She loved you so much she would have hated all you been though to get to me. All I know is that Love know no distance and i promise to love you and hold you tight when you need me i be here. I promise to care for you and kiss you when you need kissing. I promise to be there for you. Tonight I think of you with happy thought about what are life will be like. You have every right to be grumpy but i hope in time you will begin to heal your heart. I know i can never replace your mama rose I just hope i can be as good for you as she was to you. I love you for now and forever.

Today i picked up the last things for you a few new beds and a few toys i hope you love. I got you both catnip nanna i hope you love them. I picked up your tags Marigold your since Princess on the front because that  what you are going to be my princess.

Love you new forever mama


Friday, March 8, 2013

There free rembereing Lilly Lu

When Lilly Lu died part of me died. Lilly Lu was a cat who i always loved very much she do anything to please me she was not normal she love to modle her cute little outfits she loved atteion from everyone but around me she just wanted to be close to me and love me and her very own Lilly  Lu kind of way. I can't explain it but it was a different love it was like i expected her for being Lilly Lu and she expected me for me I never had to please her just give her ice cream or wipped cream every once in a while.

When Lilly Lu died in September part of me died I cryed every night . Even up today i still cry over missing her. I though i never love like that again i can not take another cat. I watch maxie and Iris go from happy cats to Lazy house cat I mean sleeping all day is what they do . With a move to the food bowl.  Maxie used to play but after LL he no longer seems to even uses any of his toys. I knew in my heart i had to do something for a while but yet i never wanted to do it. I almost adopted in September but then said no. I can't i miss LL so much.

But somthing about Marigold and Mr B just makes me want to love again.  While they can never replace how i feel about my beloved and very very missed Lilly Lu  they can help my heart heal. I think rose and Lilly Lu meet at the bridge and said send them to her she needs to heal her heart it broken. My heart was broken right up till today when i saw my baby i knew i loved them with my whole heart.

Slight issue

Mama got a call from her landlady she owns the house but she super nice about pets and things since mama and dadddy do alot of fixing up of the house for her.

LL: Laura did you get those cats yet

Mama Laura: Not yet

LL: Laura you know i need proff of  rabbies and distemper before they can come in.

Mama Laura: Yes I have it for you first thing Monday morning 


Mama Laura: Like i said I have it for you fist thing monday Morning

LL: Laura NO that will not work i need it before they come in. I need it on file

Mama Laura:  I fax it to you Sunday night then

LL: No that will not work i need it on file i can't get the file on sunday night

Mama Laura: what do you want me to do

LL: Laura i am sorrry they can come in on tuseday wed  at the lastest

Mama Laura : were will we stay

LL: I am sorry Laura

So heres the plan we going to a hotel on Sunday night i wil get there about midnight  Then i going to run them by the vet and once we get a heath cheek we will run the papper work by LL who said it will take uptp 48 hours for her to get inflie and approved. So Tuesday and Wed they go on vaction to a bording place i will visit Evey day Pick them up Thursday morning . I will vist them every day since this is weird.

hopefuly with in one week we should all be one big happy family

Side note My LL did this to me yesterday and I had no choice but I did drive around to alot of different places. The place they are going is supper nice It has a bird watching room on one side a fish tank on the other they have nightly tuck in with heated pads they have play time. It an 8 foot cat condo so no small jail they have two of them together.  they have lots of blankets and things. I drove around with tears in my eyes about it. I love these guys so much I wish it would be easy.  I plan on coming every day and making sure they know I love them and play with them. This place is so nice i asked if i could bring a sleeping bag and just stay there. I hope everyone knows how much i do love these Mr  Brutus and Marigold. I love them with all my heart forever and ever I just hope Maxie and Iris do too .   Yes My LL is stupid sometimes but most of the time she just lets us do whatever so when i asked i never expected her to say no. Heck we remolded her kicken and she was all for us picking out what ever we wanted we put new rugs in and she said go for it .

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our frist post

Hello and welcome To our new Blog this is the first post and the Into to Our story.  Lets start of with Me Maxie.

I am Maxie I am 6 years old I came to live with Mama Laura after Mu shue died I had to fill a big hole in her heart. It took me a while to do this but now I am very very very bonded to my mama Laura . This I like are nip sleeping on my pink blanket sleeping on my gladdy paddy sleeping in sun puddles and dinner. I am one lazy big ginger fur ball but i have a feeling things are going to change around here. In September my best friend Lilly Lu died. Also also did my Uncle Roger Wife. My mama had just started talking to Uncle Roger about 2 weeks before and His wife.. They had a huge fight for a whole year. She died Young and it was very unexpected. Then Uncle Roger Cat Demon died also. Uncle Roger started spending time here and the two cats who lived her Callie Rose and Mikey really liked him a lot so they went to live with him so he would not be so sad. That left me with Iris who I used to like when i was young but now she bothers me and she hangs out with daddy the most. So I am a bit lonely.

Enter in the Picuter Mr Burris and Marigold. There Mom queen Rose died on Feb 10 and she left them with no home and they left in a shelter. Since mama followed there blogs she said she take them and then that was the start of save the Royals as they were coming home to live with us. They coming home on Sunday from NJ though Operation Cutehead  ( this is a group of nice pepole who save cats all over the county and want to help out.  So mama said they were sent from heaven. So we all sent from heaven Stay tuned as we start are new lifes as a family of 4 cats