Wednesday, March 13, 2013


One Hunk of Ginger Fur yes that right lady I am 21 lbs of single male cat

Marigold : What your going to love me forever and ever well then i have no choice but to love you 

Hi I am Mr B I waiting for head rubs and belly rubs toona greenies and temptations please


  1. They look so happy to be home!

  2. Sweeties, you are looking so good!

  3. I love the picture of Brutus on the counter at the vet. And the one of Marigold on her side.
    Praying that all works out for their health issues.

  4. Looking good, you two.

    Have the newbies met the established residents yet?

  5. Laura dear, PLEASE email me at JFMULWITZ at ATTdotNET I really want to help with Marigold and Mr. B's expenses, plus your moving expenses. I don't use Paypal, so I need a way to reach you. Either send me your snail-mail or your phone number, so I can arrange to get money to you.

    Rose and I were good friends, and I spent 4 days with her, Emily and the kittens last June. Please let me help in Rose's honor and because I miss her so much.

    Love and Purrs to all of you--Auntie Mumma Jan

  6. You both look so content!! It looks like you've really settled in.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. These kitties have found new life with you. These organizations might be able to help with the vet bills.

  8. Marvelous photos. We love 'em ... because of course we love those li'l darlin's!! Thanks again and again for loving them, too!

    Grace & Company