Saturday, March 9, 2013

dream Mr B and Mairgold

Dear Mr Burtuis and Marigold

I wanted to write you a letter the night before you arrive with me. I can hardly wait to be your mama Laura or your human slave. I know you had the best mom in rose and I hope i can be 1/2 of what she was to you. She loved you so much she would have hated all you been though to get to me. All I know is that Love know no distance and i promise to love you and hold you tight when you need me i be here. I promise to care for you and kiss you when you need kissing. I promise to be there for you. Tonight I think of you with happy thought about what are life will be like. You have every right to be grumpy but i hope in time you will begin to heal your heart. I know i can never replace your mama rose I just hope i can be as good for you as she was to you. I love you for now and forever.

Today i picked up the last things for you a few new beds and a few toys i hope you love. I got you both catnip nanna i hope you love them. I picked up your tags Marigold your since Princess on the front because that  what you are going to be my princess.

Love you new forever mama



  1. Laura, this is a beautiful letter to Marigold and Brutius! I know you will do your best for them and feel they will come around soon.

  2. Laura, so happy for you and Brutus & Marigold!
    We wrote a story about the transport on The Cat Blogopshere

  3. Laura,

    We think you'll be a wonderful human "mom" (a.k.a. slave) to them both. And since most cats, generally speaking, are tied to their home territory and not to their humans, we have high hopes that after a time of adjustment, they both will settle in and be well and be happy.

    Purrs from us.

    Nicki & Derry

  4. We can all hardly wait for Brutus and Marigold to arrive, so we can all see them in their new forever home. You are great to take them in, Laura.

  5. Purrrrring that by now Miss Marigold & Mr Brutus are starting to settle in to their new furrrever home.

  6. I think everyone in the cat blogosphere is waiting with baited breath for your new babies to get there. I hope their time to get adjusted to you and yours is short and that soon you are all one big happy family. Take care! T.

  7. Our Lady got teary and said awwwww a bunch. We're so happy for all of you!

  8. Magnificent post, Laura. And from the comments on Fb this morning, I can see they immediately fell in love with you, too! Hooray!

    and Grace & Company, too, of course!

  9. de veree best fishes two ewe brutus N marigold in yur mew forevers home....way happee ya both haza mew forever home; we think ewe will loves yur mew mom and ....she getted ewe both nip nannerz !!!! how kelw iz that :)


  10. Oh that gave me leaky eyes. I am so hoping to read more and more.

  11. Bravo for adopting all these little lovelies. (Well, I know Mr Brutus isn't "little," but still ... you know what I mean!) Where's the Paypal button so we can all help?


    Grace & Company