Friday, March 8, 2013

There free rembereing Lilly Lu

When Lilly Lu died part of me died. Lilly Lu was a cat who i always loved very much she do anything to please me she was not normal she love to modle her cute little outfits she loved atteion from everyone but around me she just wanted to be close to me and love me and her very own Lilly  Lu kind of way. I can't explain it but it was a different love it was like i expected her for being Lilly Lu and she expected me for me I never had to please her just give her ice cream or wipped cream every once in a while.

When Lilly Lu died in September part of me died I cryed every night . Even up today i still cry over missing her. I though i never love like that again i can not take another cat. I watch maxie and Iris go from happy cats to Lazy house cat I mean sleeping all day is what they do . With a move to the food bowl.  Maxie used to play but after LL he no longer seems to even uses any of his toys. I knew in my heart i had to do something for a while but yet i never wanted to do it. I almost adopted in September but then said no. I can't i miss LL so much.

But somthing about Marigold and Mr B just makes me want to love again.  While they can never replace how i feel about my beloved and very very missed Lilly Lu  they can help my heart heal. I think rose and Lilly Lu meet at the bridge and said send them to her she needs to heal her heart it broken. My heart was broken right up till today when i saw my baby i knew i loved them with my whole heart.


  1. It's so hard when we lose a pet, but the greatest honor we can give their memory is to open our heart to one (or 2) who needs us.

  2. My human misses the cat before me like that. They were sort of partners in crime when my human was a rock journalist.

  3. THis is a beautiful tribute to Lilly Lu and Rose!