Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nurse Royal Love Bugs Rupppuring for duty

Last Night Laura said she was feeling off and was going to be she said she did not feel well and was having women issue and was just not happy and very tired well I took this as my job. Nurse Love Bugs rupppuring for duty. Frist I will help by sitting on  her chest
Nurse Marigold ready and able to help wiff nuring duty
Yes The legs are the most importent part of my nursing I will make bisects all over them
Mr B I think You need some speical nuring care i  starting to relly love helping out
Side Not Marigolds teeth will not be cover by my insuince due to the fact that it is pre excting


  1. You two are the sweetest! Anybody would feel better really fast with that kind of love & cuddling. We had our lady send something toward the dental stuff last Friday. She had a "royal" dental problem of her own last week - she broke a tooth and had to get a crown.

  2. You kitties really take your job seriously!

  3. Aww, what a sweet snuggly bunch! So very glad, almost tearful, at how well they've settled in and how happy they look! What adorable sweeties!
    Hope the human feels better!

  4. WE hope you are feeling better! You have a great nursing staff.

  5. We're so glad they are doing well with you.

  6. A purrrrfect bunch of nurses. If nothing else, they should keep you warm.

  7. What excellent nurses! We love these photos of you two helping Laura feel better. We bet your lovin' really helped her snap back into good shape!!

    Love, Grace & your brothers