Friday, March 8, 2013

Slight issue

Mama got a call from her landlady she owns the house but she super nice about pets and things since mama and dadddy do alot of fixing up of the house for her.

LL: Laura did you get those cats yet

Mama Laura: Not yet

LL: Laura you know i need proff of  rabbies and distemper before they can come in.

Mama Laura: Yes I have it for you first thing Monday morning 


Mama Laura: Like i said I have it for you fist thing monday Morning

LL: Laura NO that will not work i need it before they come in. I need it on file

Mama Laura:  I fax it to you Sunday night then

LL: No that will not work i need it on file i can't get the file on sunday night

Mama Laura: what do you want me to do

LL: Laura i am sorrry they can come in on tuseday wed  at the lastest

Mama Laura : were will we stay

LL: I am sorry Laura

So heres the plan we going to a hotel on Sunday night i wil get there about midnight  Then i going to run them by the vet and once we get a heath cheek we will run the papper work by LL who said it will take uptp 48 hours for her to get inflie and approved. So Tuesday and Wed they go on vaction to a bording place i will visit Evey day Pick them up Thursday morning . I will vist them every day since this is weird.

hopefuly with in one week we should all be one big happy family

Side note My LL did this to me yesterday and I had no choice but I did drive around to alot of different places. The place they are going is supper nice It has a bird watching room on one side a fish tank on the other they have nightly tuck in with heated pads they have play time. It an 8 foot cat condo so no small jail they have two of them together.  they have lots of blankets and things. I drove around with tears in my eyes about it. I love these guys so much I wish it would be easy.  I plan on coming every day and making sure they know I love them and play with them. This place is so nice i asked if i could bring a sleeping bag and just stay there. I hope everyone knows how much i do love these Mr  Brutus and Marigold. I love them with all my heart forever and ever I just hope Maxie and Iris do too .   Yes My LL is stupid sometimes but most of the time she just lets us do whatever so when i asked i never expected her to say no. Heck we remolded her kicken and she was all for us picking out what ever we wanted we put new rugs in and she said go for it .


  1. We hope everything works out well and we'll soon see photos of Mr Burtis and Marigold in their new forever home!

  2. oh noes!! I am purrleased Brutus and Marigold can live with you but I hate the paper work making them stay in another boarding place; poor kitties...I know you want them home too Miss Laura. OH, I just found out you have word verification on so I can't come back to visit again. It is too hard to see and do...bummer

  3. Sheesh! That landlady sure is a stick-in-the-mud! Well, at least things will be sorted out within a few days.

  4. WE are so sorry for the LL problems hope things go smoothly and they get home soon. We have trouble with word verification too, so probably will not comment much.

  5. I'm so happy Mr Brutus and Marigold are going to be living with you and Maxie and your family, Laura. They will love you, I'm sure. These delays because of the LL are very temporary, although they sure don't seem so now. I'm very impatient to see your photos and posts on this blog as time goes on. Love to all of you ... =)

    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  6. Laura, you have done so much to prepare for Brutus and Marigold's arrival and overcome each obstacle as it has arisen. We just know the Royals are going to be very happy with you.

  7. WE are purring and praying that all the paperwork goes through quickly and you get the kitties home!