Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our story mo

we sorry no pic today mama I phone died she got anotherone it died now she waiting for them to send her a 3rd iphone that she prays will not die becuse she has to go to teach an all day zumba training on sunday, and she need to know how to get there.

She we thought we share a little bit about our story and since i am sitting right on the key pad as my mama Laura types it I marigold will mewo this

So today on Savanva blog we saw her tell our story so we thought we mewo a little about our story.

Mama Laura and queen mum rose were never great freinds. When Bue joined are family at frist and was so upset Mom Laura offered mom rose a free paied sestion to Ms Dawn are amaimal commactor Mama uses her to talk to us some times about life. Thinking she jump at the chance she mewoed back No  and said she wanted the money for mr B vet insted since what mama was going to give was a gift cerftictic she had got and was going to use the rest for us she said never mind.

However when Lilly Lu died she posted about missing her and wanted to keep her stuff and Mama rose Mewoed she knew how she felt as she keped a stack of copy papper bue had licke page by page and just could not thow it out. . This made Mama smile.

Mama had stoped bloging after LL died it just hurt too much she thought about adopting again and almost did it but then said No.  She also gave away Mikey and Callie rose to her brother roger and It was her and Iris and Maxie but Iris is not bonded to Maxie no relly to mama Maxie had truned into a lazy ginger and he said he liked getting all the attetiohen she saw Queen Mum rose had died she thought i always loved ginger and I wanted a Ginger girl my whole life. Rember Mu shue was ginger too.  She saw it on sparkles facebook. Who dose not follow sparkle anyways. Hay Spakle if your reading this we need like a pawagarf and a new book mama miss placed her in the move

The probelm is Mikey and Callie rose we also never on Mama Lease some how she was able to skip that and the Land Lady did not care. But this time she was sure she ask just to be offical.en

So when she did not hear any thing she took it as a good sing.  But the Land Lady had to be a Femail dog and started casuing problems. The problem is Mama house was in the most derebrbal sestion of the town we live in and they took it and expaned it add a new kicken and stuff and the LL in retutun never raised rents but this year the two house on both sides of mama went for over 2 millon each and the Land Lady started seeing doller sings and knew she was getting old and the money would be very helpful but she had made a very lond lease that still had two years left wiff mama and she could not sell till then. She was very woried she miss the bubble and started getting nit picky.

So then mama had to find a place to live and she found a place in near the waltham line only problem is the kids would not be able to go to the brand new school that was being built next year and they now had to pay two rents becuse she was not giving us up and not giving up the best school for the kids.  So they took the place for Mama but are keeping the old place for a few mouths so the kids can finsh school and next year the new school will let her send her kids becuse it larger and she right on the line for the new school

But we had to go somewear one night we stayed wiff mama freind then we went to her old house till our two olck vet vist then she took us to a hotle and she felt bad but the vet said it was better now then any other time becuse once we settled we forget about it, But then we got to our forver home and met Maxie and Iris wisker to wisker . Maxie and Mr B who mama was most woried wiff love each other so much they often wisker kiss and they sleep toghter cuddle every night Maxie chaces me but mama said it the most he moved since LL died.

So we think what Happend is Rose and LL met at rainbow bridge and they said Mama Laura needs something and Rose said I know too an she sent us to her.

Sometime when mama Laura is cuddling wiff us she wonders how mama rose feels  and she hopes she is smileing down know how much we loved


  1. I am sure Rose is overjoyed with your new home, Brutus and Marigold, and also Emily's home in Utah!

    Please tell your human to send me a message with a mailing address - she can use the "contact" link on the bottom right hand side of my blog, 'cause it sends an email directly to me. I will send a new copy of my book pawtographed to all of you!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is settling in fine. Marigold, maybe you should chase Maxie back. He just might need someone to play Chase with.

  3. Mom Paula talked to ML last week and told her that you had Marigold and Brutus and ML was very happy. We're so glad things worked out for everyone.

  4. WE think Queen Mama Rose and Queen Lilly Lu are both smiling down and are happy for all of you!

  5. Magnificent!! You know how much we purrrrrred and prayed that all this would work out for all of you. The landlady thing was a kink in the system that we were really AMAZED about (and not in a good way!). I think your description of her (a female dog) is right on the mark ... I'd also say greedy and grasping!!

    But all in all, everything seems to be working out. I know that Grace and her two boys here with me are very cuddly, lovey, charming, and playful kittehz ... I'm so happy to know that Mr B and Marigold also have those family "good natured" genes, too!!

    Thanks for blogging, Marigold. Will your big brother join in soon? We'll keep checking in!!

    Love, Marilynn
    and Grace and Audace and Ruse

  6. We are sure Mama Rose and LL are smiling down. Thank you so much for taking care of these little ones. xx

  7. your mama rose is smiling down on your and your new mommy. we just knows it.