Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tum tum tuseday and purrs for skeeinix

Frist off we need to say purr and pray for out freind skeezix every cat know him and reads his blog so we sending putts

But the reson you all came you want to see some Major Tum Tum. well I got some  Tum tum for you
cats you should be 18 mouths to viwie this picute  okay you ready

Yup thats alot of Ginger tum tum

Monday, May 27, 2013

Man cats on Monday - B and Maxie

Yup we two handsome ginger man cats Mama said we have more ginger furr here then should be legaly possible but she not have it any other way She just loves her Gingers

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

toks on tuseday

Yup there there is alot of  Large Ginger tocks in are house. Now we do not what to be the Butt of any jokes but some cats are a bit plump mama said she love big gingers heck she said she loves ginger any way she can get them big little. Once you gone ginger it hard to go back

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A treet From Mr B becese I the best couch starcher in the world

Yup i love to scarch the couch mama has put toon of scaring post felineway and it never stoped me yet. So she got sticky paws. THESE ARE THE BEST TREAT IN THE WHOLE WHIDE WORLD!!!!!! i lick lilck lick lick lick them till there no more sticky then i go back and scartch the couch I good boy. I love packing tape the best so sticky paws are so yummmy. Mama keeps saying i need Jackson

Friday, May 17, 2013

thank you

we just want to say thank you to everyone for loving us so much we are some very lucky cats. I feeling better i only had one coughing fit and mama reslized she forgot my pill but since i had it i much better. This morning I sitting on the very very top of  3 leavl tree . I love it up there I have a bule fuzzy blanket and i can hang out in the window even our vet said it was perfect cat set up it is Mama put a pong chair near the climber so er use it as a ramp. I am one lucky cat thanks to all of your.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Mama said i going to be the end of her i costing alot of geen pappers. I can purr for green pappers if you come over here i lay on your chest and purr away i am good at that. please purr for green pappers maybe spare some and hit up are doatoe button we desperte

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

purrrs for Mr B

Pooer Burty is not feelling so well . He started with his amatha cough yesterday and was mr Grumpy . I think his athma is bothering him i have an apointment with the vet tomorrow please send purrs 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers day a happy sad post -

Marigold and Mr B wanted to do a very speical mothers day post. we like to pause and say thank you to the mothers in are life. Our fist mother is Grace We can not get over how much she looks like Mr B. But gace is are Cat mom and if it were not for her we be no Us so we love her for loving us as kittens and very tankful thats she love and becuse of her love were love

Who can for get are Mama rose  We loved her so and she was taken from us too so we miss her alot but we stop and pause to rember how much she loved us and know that even though she can't be with us in a phical way we know she always is in our hearts
Now  She sent us Mama Laura. Maxie here Mama Laura has always been my mama Laura i never knew any other mama expect forster mama but  I love her
We love are new Mama so much. When it looked like there was no hope she gave us hope by giving us home.  We  love home we have good food  good freind and good place to sleep and vet care and she goes out of her way for us. How much luckyer can a bunch of cats be

We also have to say thanks to all the moms of the cat blogophire for helping us go home. While this mothers day maybe a bit sad as we miss are mama rose but we know she sent us hear to Mama Laura. We are truely loved  and smome lucky cats;

Friday, May 10, 2013

Femaan Firday with Mairgoldsti

Yes it is hard beining this cute and ginger it takes alot of work now brake out the temptation  the princess  demands  a treat and what this princess whats she tends to get 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yu[p were going to be okay

Well good news Yup you see this thats all 3 of us on the bed. Yesteday we talked to Miss Dawn  are amamimal commacator she talked to us about how were getting along

Frist she talked to me Maxie - I told her I like the other and I was just trying to find my place in this new life.I knew mama still liked me I also asked for a little one on one maxie time each day. Just her me. But I said I liked haveing a boy cat finely to play with

Next she talked to Me Mr B. I was so so excited when she told me I get to stay forever. I was not sure i thought so but was she reassured me. I said I relly like my new mama Laura . I was her kind of cat. Mama said Yup big orange and Loveable he type of cat for sure. She has a soft spot for ginger fluff okay she said once you go ginger it hard to go back. I glad she feels that way becuse there alot of ginger fur in this house.

Then she talked to Me Marigold. I said I felt like i was always waiting for the next paw to drop. I felt like i love mama Laura but need someone to relly get me, I been though alot in a short time. From place to place to place then i land here and all is good but i still nevours about it. Once she said nothing else  would happen this relly relly is my new forever home. I said i would try very hard to relax a little

Then she spoke to me Iris. I said That I was relly daddy cat I am here for daddy and only daddy. I not found or relly freindly wiff the other cats. There okay but what you going to do there here and not going so i just do what i do best love daddy.

Then mama Laura walked into the bed  room and saw all 3 of us on the bed for the frist time. She almost fliped out . She was so happy

Monday, May 6, 2013

getting along - marigold and B

Since we came to live with mama Laura B and I have not gotten along any time he come close to me i swat at him and hiss at him well last night I let him give me a bath Then as a Thank you he let me uses him as a big pillow.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Yup Me and Mr B have a love hate relationship we both love to wrestle bur when it come down to napping the Big Ginger know how to do it so  I guess I keep him. I might even let him nap one on of my padddy as long as i can have his bed

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It all about Me

Mr B here I need to set some new rules and I think i have to start last night mama sleeped on the couch becuse Marigold like to cuddle on the couch and she speent the night cuddling so I need to set some new rule.

1. It all about Mr B
2 -10  when in dought see rule one

Maxie here night time is my mama cuddle time i love it I sleep on the bed wiff here so I have to disagree witff bruty rules

1. It all about Maxie
2-10 when in dought see rule 1.

Ps Marigold had 3 extracted they were being resobed by her body and this is very painful so she had them taken out she has very few teeth left and needs to go back year for cheek us. This was very expecsive Mr B big day is the 10 of june