Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It all about Me

Mr B here I need to set some new rules and I think i have to start last night mama sleeped on the couch becuse Marigold like to cuddle on the couch and she speent the night cuddling so I need to set some new rule.

1. It all about Mr B
2 -10  when in dought see rule one

Maxie here night time is my mama cuddle time i love it I sleep on the bed wiff here so I have to disagree witff bruty rules

1. It all about Maxie
2-10 when in dought see rule 1.

Ps Marigold had 3 extracted they were being resobed by her body and this is very painful so she had them taken out she has very few teeth left and needs to go back year for cheek us. This was very expecsive Mr B big day is the 10 of june


  1. I am glad Marigold got rid of those painful teeth! I am sending purrs so that she heals fast. Paws crossed that Mr. B doesn't need as much work!

  2. It's so hard for each of us kitties to get the individual attention we want. We hope Marigold does well with her recovery from her extractions.

  3. I think that's an every cat rule, "it's all about me!" MOL
    Purring for the teethies situation!

  4. We think last night it was all about Marigold, as it should have been!