Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yu[p were going to be okay

Well good news Yup you see this thats all 3 of us on the bed. Yesteday we talked to Miss Dawn  are amamimal commacator she talked to us about how were getting along

Frist she talked to me Maxie - I told her I like the other and I was just trying to find my place in this new life.I knew mama still liked me I also asked for a little one on one maxie time each day. Just her me. But I said I liked haveing a boy cat finely to play with

Next she talked to Me Mr B. I was so so excited when she told me I get to stay forever. I was not sure i thought so but was she reassured me. I said I relly like my new mama Laura . I was her kind of cat. Mama said Yup big orange and Loveable he type of cat for sure. She has a soft spot for ginger fluff okay she said once you go ginger it hard to go back. I glad she feels that way becuse there alot of ginger fur in this house.

Then she talked to Me Marigold. I said I felt like i was always waiting for the next paw to drop. I felt like i love mama Laura but need someone to relly get me, I been though alot in a short time. From place to place to place then i land here and all is good but i still nevours about it. Once she said nothing else  would happen this relly relly is my new forever home. I said i would try very hard to relax a little

Then she spoke to me Iris. I said That I was relly daddy cat I am here for daddy and only daddy. I not found or relly freindly wiff the other cats. There okay but what you going to do there here and not going so i just do what i do best love daddy.

Then mama Laura walked into the bed  room and saw all 3 of us on the bed for the frist time. She almost fliped out . She was so happy


  1. Mama Laura might have to start looking for a ginger-fur colored bed spread. Glad to see you are all getting more comfortable with each others.

  2. I always knew you three would be fine eventually!

  3. We are so glad that you are feeling comfortable with mama Laura.

  4. We are very happy that is you trying to get along! !

  5. Aw, It's good that you all know that you're ALL wanted and loved and most important, home!