Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers day a happy sad post -

Marigold and Mr B wanted to do a very speical mothers day post. we like to pause and say thank you to the mothers in are life. Our fist mother is Grace We can not get over how much she looks like Mr B. But gace is are Cat mom and if it were not for her we be no Us so we love her for loving us as kittens and very tankful thats she love and becuse of her love were love

Who can for get are Mama rose  We loved her so and she was taken from us too so we miss her alot but we stop and pause to rember how much she loved us and know that even though she can't be with us in a phical way we know she always is in our hearts
Now  She sent us Mama Laura. Maxie here Mama Laura has always been my mama Laura i never knew any other mama expect forster mama but  I love her
We love are new Mama so much. When it looked like there was no hope she gave us hope by giving us home.  We  love home we have good food  good freind and good place to sleep and vet care and she goes out of her way for us. How much luckyer can a bunch of cats be

We also have to say thanks to all the moms of the cat blogophire for helping us go home. While this mothers day maybe a bit sad as we miss are mama rose but we know she sent us hear to Mama Laura. We are truely loved  and smome lucky cats;


  1. What a sweet post - you kitties ARE very lucky! Happy Mother's Day to your human.

  2. We miss Mama Rose too and we're so thankful Mom Laura brought you into her home and heart.