Friday, April 5, 2013

The day befor you brithday - Mama Laura

Dear Mr B and Mairgold,

Tomorrow is a special day for you. You both trun 7 That make you older then Maxie and Iris  I may have not raised you for you frist 6 years. But that dose not mean I love you any less these past few mouths have been tramtic for both of you as you were transported form place to place. But now your safe and sound home with me. I know you Mama rose wishes she could wish you both a happy brithday as you were both her heart.  I want you to know how much your loved not just by me but by a lot of pepole who went though alot to make sure you landed safely and together I know they want to join in the celebration of you. I hipe you love all your gifts and know how extra speical you both are to mw I love you


  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Brutus and Marigold! I know you will have an awesome day! You have something coming from me in the mail very soon!

  2. What a wonderful post! We are all SOOOOO happy that Mr B and Marigold are with you and your family, too, Mama Laura!!

    Purrrrrrrsssss and {{{{hugs}}}}

    Grace & Company