Friday, April 12, 2013

I have no probem sleeping

Mr B here I been kick out of the bed room last night of over cuddling in the middle of the night  It turns out that my humans do not Like B love at 2:25 am and that a 21 lbs B jumping on your chest wakes them up and that me playing with Maxie at 2:00 am is not okay on the bed. But i sleep all day I have no idea why there so upset 
PS I have a bit of an Upset tummy yesteday so mama started me on probotics


  1. I don't get why humans have such weird schedules and likes/ dislikes either, Mr B! Paws crossed the probiotics make you feel better.

  2. WE do not understand it either! No one appreciates us playing chase up the bed and across the head board all night!

  3. Purrrss to Mr B. We hope your tummy problems are short and easily fixed.