Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy 11 brithday Lilly Lu

Happy birthday sweet girl in heaven  we know you look down on us we rember you every day, I think the best gift you ever gave me was to continue my love. I still have not been able to put out the pink crown as it was all yours I love you.

What pepole do not know about Lilly she was not a cuddly cat she was a feet on the grown at all times  cat. She was not very freindly but always wanted to be near me. She loved me in her own sweet Lilly Lu way. After she died i was not sure i could get another cat, There will never be another Lilly. I been thinking about a middle name for Marigold and I think it should be  Lillian Rose  after the two in heven who sent her. Fly  free sweet girl


  1. What a beautiful girl, sweet Lilly Lu. I love my little ones who flew away to the Rainbow Bridge just as much today as when they were here with me.

  2. Sending purrs & hugs to Mama Laura and all of Lilly Lu's fambly. We miss our sweet furend and one of Finny's best clients.

    Finny, Buddy & Jazzy (I'm really a flower too! My other name before Mama got me was Lily! Now my name is Jasmine)

  3. Happy Birthday, Sweet angel Lilly Lu!

  4. Lillian Rose works for us, for whatever that might matter.

    {{{huggss}}} to Mama Laura.

  5. You relationship with Lilly Lu sounds a lot like my human's relationship with the cat before me, who my human will miss forever. Purrs to you today.