Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Testing on Tuseday day

Pansy Sometime I bully my brother Maxie is sacrd of Little me he hids alot becuse i like to chace him a ton. Well we had a Major barake though in my bad behavior , Today Maxie went up  high in sted of running and mama started to play neco fly with me that was 1000 times better then playing chace the maxie, Then mama saw Maxie wanted down but would not go with me on the grond so we did clicker training.  This is  were the best non non come out on a click form the clicker and i sit and get nom nom today evven maxie joined in B learned this too becuse he like Nom as much as i do . Then maxie wanted to leave so mama keeped clicker Me and B and insted of chaceng maxie we got nom we all love nom mama was so happy she called this the big Pansy Rose test since i take meds to make my head less fussy and I can do all sorts of fun thing with a less fuzzzy brain Mama said Now that also means I am relly forever I already knew that part .............