Sunday, July 6, 2014

Man cat Monday in need of a Lawer ... B

The Noms around her have not been up to B sattfation there just is not enough of them I tryed everything  I slowly starving to death.  So I might or Might not have gone into the kitchen knocked over the trash can and spread the trash every were looking for nums ..

Here are the facts,,, Before the trash can was knocked over I was in the kicken looking for noms i opened the door but they were all in B proof contors I was still staveing with sevral hours left till din din Meowing had not helped  I had tried that for an hour

Then a Big bang was heard and  maam was doing sommthing and she fiely got to invagate that were i was spoted leaving the kickeing licking my lips but the trash wass all over the floor i mean all over  Mama said I am being charged with dectrion of property and leaving the sean of a ctime

She aske me how i plead i said Hungry ...........  she said that dose not count  I think i need some help here

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  1. Hey, you were desperate! And desperate times call for desperate measures!