Monday, June 16, 2014

Man cat Bhaving Badly - Mr B

So last my asmath has been bad so mom dragged me to dr Stabby, When i frist got there i made nice nice to the tec till she tryed to touch me then i tryed to eat her.  Then she left and yowaled get me out of here well while i was in my crying mode I found a dog of dog treat and another jat of stuff in glass. One my favorite activies is brake the treat jar into pice by the time mama  saw what i was doing crash it went  and every came a running Mama was saying she was so sorry yup she was and  they moved me room score on B.  Then  I had to make sure they knew i owned the room so i peeed in it  right on the outlits and on the window They cleaned that up and Dr Stabby came in and first i played all nice nice then i truned on Big B Mode. I hissed and growed at dr stabby  making it very clear i did not like her and tryed to put my teeth in Dr Stabby arm  Then they put me in My PTU I dod not want to go in a PTU I am royal i hate the PTU  so i Tryed to eat  Dr Stabby Then mama got me in  
Once in My PTU Dr Stabby came over to talk to mama well she my mama and I do not want her talking to Dr Satbbby so i hised growed and made sure they knew who was Big Bad B was.

But  Being Big Bad B at the vet make me tired and I love my scarching lounge  So I came home and layed on it like nothing had ever happend and became super B againg. Mama said she was so embrassed by bing bad B she was thinking she should send a furit basket over to Dr Stabby. I was just making Dr Stabby and staff earn those green papper after all Dr Stabby not cheep   so I just gave her more Big Bad B  for that Green paper .


  1. We hope you told those doctors who was boss! And more importantly, we hope you feel better.

  2. Honey...easy! I hate Dr Stabby TOO but sometimes we gotta go along with the program.

  3. Wow, you really did make all those vet humans earn their money!