Thursday, July 25, 2013

My thoughts for Thusday

Maxie here I like to tell you my thoughts for thusday.  Mr B is a bully but he good for treets becuse he begs for them day and night my back fur is a mess and i do not want it groomed or touched i might need to get a lion man cut I do not want this MR B and me are back in a stifff we seem to go off and on wiff it.  I do not like the Chikcen food i been eating for 5 years I want something diffent not that type on more.


  1. Maxie, you seem to have quite a few complaints at the moment!

  2. Aw, poor Maxie! Star can certainly understand how you feel, she doesn't want her new brother either.. I hope you get to taste lots of other kinds of food to find a new favorite!

  3. Maxie, are you still trying to find your place with Mr B?

  4. Hang in there, Maxie. You and Mr B will get things worked out eventually.

    Maybe Momma Laura can start rotating the foods, or something, if you're tired of the chiken.

    1. mama Laura has tryed a lot of diffent one we found one i liked so she bought and few cans to make sure then i no longer liked it