Sunday, July 28, 2013

man cat monday

Maxie here I found this very comfy spot to nap it my faviort and this blanket goes so well wiff my fur.

Now it time to Play What did Mr B do Now

Mr B broke my kibble dish yes he did it was all his fault you see he jumped up on the counter why mama was makeing dinner and mewoed his head off and then wiff his fatt boooty knocked it to the floor. That why mama calls him Bootyputts cuse he got a fat one. Now i Maxie am forsed to eat out of somthing else i hate I think he should pay for a new one out of his teat money but that being useing to pay for a lamp he broke and some dishes  I am furry upset


  1. I think Mr. B. may have to declare bankruptcy!

  2. Mr B seems to be having trouble controling his tail. We get our bowls at WalMart, in the bean dishes section. If you look, you can find some for a dollar or two (at least, last time we needed a supply)