Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wow it been like forever ........

So much has happend since last time we bloged. If your following us on face book you know that Mama has been praying to Mairogld and rose to send us the perfect ginger girl. Mama said after Mairgold she relly wanted another girl and wanted it to be ginger. We found one but the place would not adopt to mama out of state mairgold dieing of FIP ect. So mama gave up. I was happy with Maxie so i thought I love him but we brothers whats missing is a girl.

So I asked Satat for a slay full of treats. Here i was thinking chick-hen Samon Tunana live dead shimp all the good stuff Maxie said make it all Chick-hen. And he dose not give me that he gives me  a sister I don't get it  I wanted treats mama said she the best treat of all . Her name is Pansy Rose She just got out of the kill shelter yesterday. She living in Fl for now as long as she understand It king B in this house and dode not eat my food we get along great


  1. My human and I saw about Pansy Rose on Facebook - I am looking forward to seeing her come home to you!

  2. We are so happy to know you are adopting Pansy Rose.

  3. We read about her on FB too. We're a bit disappointed to find she is so far away from you at the moment, but so were Marigold and Brutus at one time. We're looking forward to when Pansy Rose arrives home.