Thursday, January 2, 2014

Moms Laura Letter to Pansy Rose

The night before the royals came to live with me i worte them a letter i think it time to do that for Pansy Rose.

Dear Pansy Rose,

I am so excited you coming to live with us me and they boys are all so excited. I feel like i already know you though mlissa. I been waiting to get my hands on you for a few weeks. thinking about how my life is about to change.

I know you are form rose. I have talked to her meny times but never dreamed of her untill the other day/ There i was talking to her face to face. All about the Royals and B her "big red Texan" She told me she got me a gift. I said no rose you can't afford it. She looked at me and smiled and said it different now I got you a gift

I know your that gift. Your girly girl like my LL you love ice cream form a spoon lil my LL but you have a sweet definer and love to cuddle like mairgold.

The night before you come i think about what life will be like I know we willl be happy again I will always love you Be a great sister for the boys

do not let B teach you any bad behavior.  Or maxie chance you too hard.  I know maxie thought of Marigold as his favorite toy but he learn

I  will love you for ever you never go back to the shelter again.

all my love

Your new mama laura


  1. I'm so excited for Pansy Rose and for you!

  2. Awww , what a sweet letter you have written for Pansy Rose <3