Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thoughs on Thusday

As some have you know it been an adjustment perido for us my brain was a little messed up it made me think i wanted the litter box 24/7 and i became very posivies of my things my toys my litter boxes my mama then i got put on some happy medsison it called proca and made me feel all happy

I was on my way back to florida or a no kill shelter but since my brain is less fussy no i no longer act like that and I made a best freind B mama said thats it i here to stay forever and ever it a good thing cuse this cute ginger girl need a home .

So now that i am here Mama did something sepical she regestered my micochip to her so if i get lost i have can be returned . So it more then just a chip it a home I love B he the best thing since cat nip he brakes into all the food and helps me get second toghter we get two dinners and we work on clicker training toghter for treats he showed me how to brake into the treat jar by knocking it off the shelf. He said hang wiff me pansy and i get you to 21 pounds in now time. so it more then a chip it a home


  1. Concatulations, Pansy! I'm glad things have worked out!

  2. Darling One...I am so grateful to know you have your loving home. And that even your microchip says you do. Pretty baby. Kissies to you.

  3. Aw,that's wonderful news! Welcome home sweetheart Pansy!