Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Brithday Merical Maxie

Some of you may under stand why every year with Maxie we celbrate . Maxie is 8 years old. Back when Maxie was 3 years old I took him to the vet for a routine dental cleaning. It went very very wrong. The memory still hants me to this day. I say am sorry i took you there every day

The short side of the story is I drooped Maxie off for a routine dental cleaning. I did not think much about it. I was dropping off Lilly Lu too and he had his teeth cleaned the year before. I never liked the dr who did teeth but he was the only one who did. I received a phone call That Lilly Lu was lovely and Maxie well he was so Bad and no way he could get an iv in him. Truns out he used a recalled antistatic.

I went to pick up Maxie and Lilly Lu  something did not seem right.  Maxie vomited this yellow froth stuff i called the vet who told me to watch him. In the morning i called asking for them to see Maxie as he was clearly not better at that point I was told no. I was bringng Lilly Lu to tufts so i called and asked if Dr C could see maxie too.  Lucky she said yes.

The worst thing ever Maxie ephougous was burned and he had aspiration phminis  from vomiting up a hair ball while waking up and it being aloud to sit in his ephoughous and from not being treated it scarded down maxie was given a feeding tube the tube was the worth thing i  was told he need a stent but they had to order it and they only seen it done on two cats and it was more money then i could come up with . I took him home and prayed to Mu shue

in stend of getting sicker maxie  better and today he is a normal heathy happy 8 year old cat who i was told would not make it to 4. i was warned every hair ball could be his last. He had his share over the last few years but they always okay


  1. Happy birthday, Maxie! We know you will be spoiled today.

  2. I remember when that happened. I firmly believe Mu Shue did heal Maxie. You've been through a lot. All of your fur babies have helped you through. I found your old blog right at the time when you had the fire. God comes to you through your cats, and they are all amazing. I hope things are much better for you and your fur children, as well as your 2-legged children.