Sunday, May 10, 2015

How I got B

i only new rose very romotly i had offered her something when she adopted bue and she wanted something else. The other  two times i talked to her one she told me how Bue how licked a stack of paper and she could not bare to throw it out, When i was told to throw out ll pink teara bed that i still have in storage  The other time was after LL died and i almost got another cat but then came to the idea i was just not ready emotionally to  get another cat

So here is what i belived happened. Rose died and when to rainbow bridge she was greated by Bue on the other side sitting next him was Cathi and LL and Mu shue, She started to talk to LL  and she told her how great a mom i was to her, She was impressed Mu shue cimed in that i was great to him too took him in when no one else would, Loved him every second of the way. Kayla chimed in the same thing

Rose was looking for just the right person to take B and Marigold and she said since your cats rave about you I send them to her. I think she ready to aspect  another cat and my two will be just the right fit. She lost to FIP before so she know what to do. So she sent me her two cats

Marigold was put her to help B adjust i think it took him some time but when her job was done she flew off to be in the arms of rose. I think mu shue welcomed her frist as it poored down from the heavens mu shue sing to me then sent me the a huge rainbow when she was all set in rose arms

B is like the glue that holds my house toghter. every one and every thing loves him. This afternoon he keeped switching off who he was cuddling with according to his need  I always been thankful to rose for sending me the best gift of all times her B i love him with my whole heart, I know Mairgold is in her lap but i thankful  every day be gets to be in mine

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  1. Such a sweet way to view things, I feel the same that my angels send me new cats in need. Each and every one in our lives is special and has a place in our heart forever.