Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Watching over him from from the Bridge

This be Marigold you not herd form me since i went to the bridge almost two years ago, I was sorry i could not stay but my job hear on earth was done. I made sure B was taken care of well adjested and happy. B has blossomed in to an amazing man cat. He truned out to keep mama Laura very happy and i would not change that for the world he best freinds with his brother Maxie and also a kinder sole with Pansy. Who i sent to add a little spice to maxie life since he loved to chance me by the way Lilly Lu like her too as Maxie liked to pick on her too. We call her the little orange spitfire.

Mama Laura had a sad when she found the last pic she had ever taken of me and B it was taken about 6 days before i flew away. I knew she was sad so i talked to mu shue. He said June and Juily were hard for her as Thats when LL brithday is and My bridge day and also His bridge day, He said Marigold i think we need to let her know were thinking about her i make it rain you make the rainbow and  we did just that yesterday.

Then Mama  Laura was going though face book and Rose name came up she rember she had wanted to look at it. She every so often goes though her blog looking for vidios of rose talking and she keeps b in her lap. Well when she was looking though the photo she found one she knew she seen before but this time it had an Orb over B yup thats right that me letting her no I still watching over B.  I still seee him from heaven and i approve

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  1. Mama Laura knows you watch over her and the other babies, and I'm sure it means so much to her. You are a beautiful angel. 💜🌈