Monday, June 3, 2013

Man cat monday starting Mr B

Once there was an old cat who loved a shoe He was driving his mama Crazy so she did not know what to do .

Today I going to start a new thing What did the Ginger man cat do Now?

This  week this stars Me Mr B. when i start to seach for food  it game on things get broken and i can't help it if i am not peetiee and small like marigold  I am cute in my own  Gingery man cat kind of  That being said yesterday damage on the food hunt 6 coffee mugs 3 slada place 1 lamp then i sctached the couch beat up marigold well she started it scratched and Bit Mama over the inhalor  I think thats It by the way I cracked a tooth last night and mama has a call in to the vet


  1. We will enjoy your 'WHat did the Ginger Man do' posts!

  2. Mr. B., you are just a ton o' fun!

  3. Goodness Mr. B! Hope all settles down soon!

  4. We think Mr. B is just enjoying himself. We hope his tooth is going to be okay.