Thursday, June 20, 2013


I just wanted to add this refection over the whole Marigold thing, If I had know Marigold had 4 mouths to live i would have never have adopted her and Mr B, If I never would have adopted them I would have never know her putt, her love, he sweet personalty, I would hve never know what it was like to cuddle with her. 

I would have never Got Mr B who I adore and keeps me laughing with all his food related antics. who has the best purr in the world the a loud mewo and you never been loved by a cat till it under 21lbs of cat.

If I had know she Had FIP earlier it just  would have made me worries more . It would have never change the out come. She still would have had to go home to Rose. It just would have ment more vet visit less time cuddling.

If I could change one thing I think the one lesson learned is say I love you more, I told her I loved her more. I told her I loved her all the time

If i had never had adopted her she would have spent her final days not knowing love. In the end she went form the arms of some one who loved her to he moon and back to the arms of some one have loved just as much.

I guess everyhing happens for a reson. In the end I was blessed for a short time by a wonderful cat.                                                                  


  1. I definitely agree, although it has been very hard on you. YOU, however, have been such a blessing to all your little pals, and I include Mu Shue and LL in this, that all their lives have been made better and they all know and have known love.

    Bless you, Laura.

    Marilynn, Grace, Audace, and Ruse

  2. Well said, she was put in your life for a reason.

  3. You are so right, the thing to remember amidst all this sadness is that you made sure sweet marigold was loved right to the end of her life on earth. Imagine how awful it would have been for her to be ill in a shelter with no one to cuddle her?
    I can never thank you enough for your kindness in caring for her when she needed you most. I'm quite sure she will be explaining what happened to mom Rose now ~ and Rose will be smiling with gratitude.
    Thank you dear friend ~ you really did do your best.
    Love Jan xx
    PURRS from Milo and Alfie xx

  4. I do think there is a reason humans really cannot predict the future. Many purrs to you.

  5. Exactly! Rose would never have wanted Marigold to die in a shelter. You done good. Very good.

  6. Bless you Laura for giving Marigold such much love during the last few months.

  7. You may have only had Marigold for a short time but you gave her a lifetime's worth of love. You were there for her when she needed someone the most. As sad as this is, it would have been so much worse for her to have gotten sick and died alone in a shelter.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  8. Yes, sometimes we're better off not knowing what is coming but just enjoying what is at the moment. It's very sad about Marigold. She wasn't with you nearly long enough but yet long enough to leave a lasting impression on your heart.

  9. Yes, the best thing to remember is to say I love you more. As much as we'd rather it not, everything comes to an end. Only love endures. We didn't have the chance to know you, Marigold, but we hope we can help somewhat ease the sorrow of your passing. Gentle purrs...

  10. When we take a needy kitty into our lives and they enter our hearts we know the time will be less than our but we still love the. We love them for years, we love them for months and some we only love for days, hours, and even minutes. We will all meet again and our time here will be judged by this love we give and receive from these wonderful furry friends.
    Timmy and Family

  11. We are so sorry that Marigold had to leave you, Mom Laura. She was so lucky to have you to care for her and love her until the end. We send gentle purrs and headbumps and warm light from our human.

    Run free at the Bridge, sweet Marigold ...

    'Kaika and the Yosemite cats

  12. Laura, precious Marigold was so loved by you...and she was so relieved to be freed from that awful animal control place in NJ...she talked to Rhonda all the way back to the hotel in Philly. She had a lot to say!! She was your girl; but she could not stay long with you. Hold tight to Mr B; and Maxie and Isis; they all need your love now to help them, especially Maxie and Brutus I bet. Paw pats, Savannah and Mom Linda

  13. So so beutiful written about sweet Marigold <3
    Me and mom have donated a little green paper :)